Friday, July 3, 2009

The Little XO Computer That Could... in the Congo

The deployment in Goma (Congo) is coming along as well.  Although many officials and members of the media are excited for the project, it has been a wild two weeks in Goma.  

This week, President Kabila arrived in Goma and will be here for two weeks.  Kabila is the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo and it has been quite the spectacle.  Kabila is rarely in Goma and the streets are lined with thousands of soldiers armed with AKs and rocket launchers.  June 30 was the Independence Day in Congo and these soldiers were in formation as a part of a parade and celebration on the streets of Goma. 

 Despite the hectic environment, the planning for the deployment has been going quite well.  A classroom is available at the district offices and the Education Privet (Director of Education in Goma) along with UNHCR is helping with a choice of the initial primary school. 

The Ungana Foundation and students from the University of Kinshasa (involved in OLPC Corps) have extensive plans for the deployment including the children designing their own schoolhouse on the XO computers that will then be constructed by the Ungana Foundation.

Alyssa Callister


The Ungana Foundation

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