Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Exciting XO Computers in Action

The deployment in Gisenyi (Rwanda) is well on its way.   The laptops are being deployed at EPGI primary (elementary) school to 84 children in P5 (fifth grade). 

 Last week was spent setting up the server and access points at the school (to enable constant wireless internet access on the XO), training six teachers (2 hours a day for a week), getting the computers through customs in Kigali (the capitol city of Rwanda), and taking inventory/re-flashing all the machines (updating the operating system).  

Today we gave all the children their own computer (each with their own colors)!

We will be holding a large Expo to unveil the project and the XO on July 10th.   The Expo will be sponsored by the Ministry of Education in Rwanda and will include speeches by prominent officials, a demonstration of the XO put on by the children, workshops, and informational briefings. 

Exciting things are happening in Rwanda!

Alyssa Callister
Ungana Foundation

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